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VISOLIS FUND Trust offers excellent investment solutions with a responsible, active and long-term approach. We identify investment opportunities in strategic sectors with concrete and diversified projects, building a better future not only for themselves, but also for future generations. Our nature as a private company makes us think in terms of generations and long-term investments.

Individual investors and their consultants can count on our solutions to be able to invest simply and efficiently. In Investment Funds the value of investments is destined to fluctuate, causing upward or downward price movements, so it is possible that you will not be able to recover the original amount invested. VISOLIS FUND invests in counter-guaranteed projects with real assets, minimizing the risk of invested capital.













the team


Our approach is based on active research on real projects and companies and this allows us to create a competitive advantage and generate excellent returns for our customers. Markets are only partially efficient, so we act based on a deep knowledge:

  • We rely on proprietary information: we have access to exclusive researches, conducted internally on 99% of the attendance in  portfolio.

  • Our analysts conduct field researches, visiting the sites, production factories, talking to customers, competitors, suppliers, and independent experts to create a direct opinion on the projects analyzed.

  • Our analysts evaluate almost 60 investment projects every year: this means an average of  no. 4 projects every month.

  • Our analysts work together on all asset classes, exploiting the results of share and credit research, to obtain a 360 ° perspective on the health status and prospects of the opportunities analyzed.

  • It is our firm belief that to protect and increase our clients' returns it is essential to apply responsible investment policies that take into account environmental, social and governance aspects.

  • Visolis Fund, by taking on the responsibility of managing the clients' capital, constantly monitors the governance of the projects in which the assets are invested, thus favoring the improvement of the objectives set. 


This approach allows us to find opportunities of growth or income streams not yet appreciated in the market, and therefore to continuously create value for our customers.

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